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The registration of your equipment in Missing Instruments, constitutes a fundamental strategy for all owners to favor a healthy market in terms of the sale of instruments. From the hand of manufacturers, distributors and retail, the permanent consultation offered by our database will allow us to buy, sell and ride insurance with our instruments on the street. Missing Instruments emerges as a solution required by all those who have suffered a loss and who demanded a response.


The large volume of posts that have large social networks, make the visibility of our publications that express the loss, are exceeded by the same flow of "Big Data." In our platform, that will not happen, because in addition to the directed efforts of our dissemination in networks, we are constituting a reference site, of habitual consultation by all. Before buying, look in our database, you can surely decide better after that. And if you lose something: Here we will be!


Since we are an NGO, we promote services, with a look of social responsibility. For all those students of music and technology who attend state centers, whatever the country, provided that the school or university is free: THE SERVICE IS FREE throughout the school year. For children's or youth orchestras: free. For the rest of the users it will not exceed the cost of US $ 2 per YEAR, in its basic version. FOUNDING users, also bonuses. 5, 10 or 100 years, acording their coupon code

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Some great features

These are some of the main features of our platform, which allow us to create a community focused on the care and monitoring of the equipment and instruments that mean so much to us. If you need more specific information, do not hesitate to consult the FAQ or contact us.

Permanent Alert

Through our platforms and efforts in conventional networks, we guarantee permanent alert in collaboration with our community of users, to find lost equipment as soon as possible. Or at least to inhibit the purchase by third parties.

Validity of Big Data

With permanent actions of our press team, every time you lose something, we will guarantee all our efforts so that the loss is not forgotten in the digital nothing. On our platform, the lost or stolen gear, remains forever. Until you find it. And it is permanently shared.

Secured Privacy

All users are anonymous for the outside view. Same as your equipmentThe only case in which your equipment is visible is when it has been stolen or lost. Only there will it be visible. Even in that case, the user can be contacted but their data is hidden. That's maximum privacy

Null, or super low, costs

Since the scourge of the loss of our equipment is something that affects everyone, we decide that the cost is not an impediment for you to be protected. That is why there are a number of agreements with institutions that receive the free lifetime benefit for their students.

Global Reach

With regional managers in the most important markets in the world, we can guarantee an inconceivable global reach. Your team will not be able to cross any border, since international customs and interior ministries, and stores, have access to check lost instruments.

Solidarity among its members

The profile of our users and our validation methods require maximum solidarity to spread the claims, as well as a system of rewards among users, which guarantee the participation of all, to take care of us together. Our solidarity network is our shield.

Our cause

Meet our philosophy

The ethical principles that MISSING INSTRUMENTS takes into account for the creation of this platform arise from an important reflection about the reality that we are all living ...

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your security and privacy are our priority

No one will know your equipment or identity!

No one will know your equipment or your identity. In case of theft or loss, you will change the status of the affected equipment yourself, in order to share the security of MI. And even then, your identity is protected. People who find your team will contact you through the platform, and then you will combine the exchange with them.

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Our Team

Part of the team of dreamers who created this platform, is here. On the other side, you are, as creative and responsible for the success of this cause, as we are. All together, we form a great team to recover our precious instuments and equipment!

Ángel Diego Merlo Martinez

Regional Manager Argentina

Juan Carlos Sánchez Gnecch

Regional Manager Mexico

Ulises Uriel Verduzco Díaz

Project Leader Developer

Salma Areli Calderón García

Full Stack Developer 

Diego Dominguez Román

Regional Manager Spain 

Héctor Pablo Pereyra

Regional Manager USA

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