Some frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, but whenever you have any questions that are not resolved in this section, in the end you will have a contact form so we can help you with whatever you need.

Does the platform assure I'm going to get back what I lost?

NO. The platform and the community growing up around, guarantee you a greater visibility and permanency of your loss. Because the spirit of M.I. It is to share and be alert in case a finding occurs. This way you have a better chance of retireving your equipment or at least inhibiting its sale.

Is everyone able to check all my equipment?

NO. We have been very careful in that regard. You, as a user, are invisible to the world, as well as your equipment. They only become visible when you declare them stolen, lost, or in ADOPTION (the adoption is not a sale but a donation), in which case it will only be visible and possible to be shared ONLY THE MISSED GEAR. And people won't even know they belong to you, until you can recover them.

How do I know if what I'm going to register is stolen if I'm not sure of who sold it to me?

Many times we have bought second-hand instruments or equipment. In that case use your criteria. If you know reliably that the equipment you purchased is not stolen, you can register it quietly. For example, if you bought it from a friend who bought it again, then you are calm about the origin of your property.

Can I offer a reward to anyone who returns my equipment or helps me recover it?

YES. The system allows when a loss is reported, stablish an economic reward value. We clarify that this is a transaction between the parties and that M.I. It is not involved in that commercial arrangement, nor does it charge any commission.

If I enter as a founding member, will I be charged a fee later?

NO. We would never miss our word. If you enter as a founding member, or founding VIP member, in our current version of the declared services, you will never be charged any charge for it. But keep in mind that the FOUNDING MEMBER OFFER has a limit, in quantity and date. We are currently accepting free founding members for life, until 12/31/2020. The founding members can register unlimited equipment of their property.

If my study center has an agreement with MISSING INSTRUMENTS which are the steps to start using the service?

If your study center has an agreement with us, you are awarded a scholarship for multiple equipment and instruments, until you finish your studies. You can contact your teachers or managers and ask them for the coupon number. Occasionally we may request that you mail us a copy of a regular student record in each school year. 

I have friends and other mates that would be interested to enter as free members for life. How can I help them?

If you want to have an attention with your friends, or with your followers in social networks that you think deserve the gift, you can request us by the contact form that we set you an x ​​amount of coupons along with the “MEMBERSHIP GIFT CERTIFICATE”, so you can host your friends within the service.

I have an equipment store and I want to be sure not to buy stolen items. What should I do?

Queries in our database is absolutely free. You can do searches by brand, serial number, and private signs, in front of the instrument they are bringing you for purchase. You will not get the name of the owner, but if it is declared stolen or lost, you can send an instant message through the platform, to notify you to recover your instrument.

What kind of photos do I need to register my instrument?

You can take 10 photos for each registered instrument or put a link to the video. The important thing is that: You picture the serial number. The particular signs (marks, bumps, partial breaks, etc.) are visible. And that in the fields of the event, put time, day and history of how it was that you lost it. If you don't have photos of the instrument, it will be much harder to locate it.

My instrument has just been stolen. What should I do at Missing Instruments?

You must immediately CHANGE THE STATUS from “NORMAL”, to “LOST”, or “STOLEN”. In the event description field, you can add data about the event. Obviously, make the complaint to the competent authorities of your country. If you want you can put a monetary reward, for whom you return it. If you find it, change the STATUS back to “NORMAL”

How do I sign up?


You sign up online, with your e-mail, or with Facebook

Registration is ON LINE. No accreditation of any means of payment is requested. In other words, the founding member offer does not commit you to any payment. You just have to confirm the e-mail. And obviously try when you complete the registration, put your real name (which nobody will see), since otherwise you will have no way to prove your ownership.


You will receive a coupon or if you already have it you put the code

The e-mail or your Facebook will send you a coupon code with the terms. At this time, and until 12/31/20 you will be a founding member, which will not pay the membership and access other benefits, such as being able to register ALL your equipment. The web coupons are for 5 years, the ones you get for friends, for 100 years.


Once your user is created, start registering items

It is important that you take the time to load the data of your instruments and equipment, since it is the only meaning of our platform. So prepare the camera or cell phone, and start documenting your equipment. Ten photographs per item. But you can load UNLIMITED teams, being a founding member. 


Photos ready, to record the details

When you register your equipment, have the photographs organized. If you make a mistake, you can also delete the photo and upload a new one. And if one day, you sell the instrument, you must unsubscribe it, because surely another user will end up enrolling in our platform. The platform provides for the transfer of the item.


Confirm the status of the item in your account

If you have uploaded the equipment data, you confirm the STATUS. If it is the first time you load the equipment, it is because you have it with you. So STATUS is "NORMAL." If you later sell it, you will have to delete or transfer that equipment from your collection. If you lose it or steal it, immediately launch the alert. (STOLEN, LOST)


You share what others have lost and so you collaborate!

If you have been lucky enough to never lose precious equipment, think about others. When you are finished, consult the glass of lost instruments, and effectively add to the cause that among all, we can revert the lost, or at least inhibit its sale, informing the world what they SHOULD NOT BUY.

Any other question?

If you have any questions, or need help of any kind, do not hesitate to contact our community.