About us

About us:

"Us" means really "all of us"

Missing Instruments International NGO, surfaces as A RESPONSE TO A CONCRETE NEED to confront a sad reality suffered by thousands of technicians, musicians and hobbyists, all the time, all around the world: EQUIPMENT LOSS OR THEFT. One of the most important problems music industry musicians and technicians experience is the loss of their equipment.

The relationship between the owner and his equipment, in this market segment, is UNIQUE, not only because each instrument is unmatched, but because it is a tool to make a living. The solidarity we all display when an unfortunate event of this kind happens is not enough, since in social networks, due to their intense traffic, the shared content is quickly gone.

That's why we've created this new platform, to make it easier to find our most beloved objects.
Represented in more than 35 countries, our MISSION is to challenge the illegal market for music instruments and to try to provide permanent visibility of lost objects on social networks. It is based on certain premises in order to achieve this:

International Cooperation

The strategy consists of taking care of each other, registering our equipment in our gigantic database, to be able to map the statuses of our equipment. Thus, before buying an instrument, you can access the database and see the STATUS of the serial number we are checking. If the system returns the "STOLEN" or "LOST" alert, we will already know that our purchase is unreliable. On the other hand, being a cooperative venture, it allows us to inform the original owners of that equipment if we get clues to help them recover their lost object. Some users may even offer rewards for those who help them to recover lost items.

The "DIPI" concept

DIPI is the UNIQUE number of equipment registration, some sort of international ID number for our precious instruments and equipment. Many new instruments will already have a factory or dealer coupon with a preassigned DIPI NUMBER. This innovative concept of our creation allows us to give each of our teams or instruments a unique identity. It consists of a combination between serial number, manufacturer, country and other data, which will be unrepeatable.

Information privacy

All the equipment a user registers is is anonymous and invisible to the rest of the world except in the event of THEFT or MISPLACE. Then it becomes visible on our networks and all the networks the user decides to share it. The user is anonymous to the rest of the community, but can choose at the time of registration to be contacted by mail or by phone if he wishes. (Very important issue to recover the equipment). Security forces from different countries will have access to the database, in case of filing a theft report, to be able to track the item and help recover it. Queries can only be made by SERIAL NUMBER or DIPI NUMBER, and the system only returns STATUS with the IMAGES of the STOLEN or LOST INSTRUMENT (DOES NOT SHOW NORMAL STATUS IMAGES OR ADOPTION). It does not show owner data. But it allows you to send a private message (issued by the platform) through a contact form so that the legitimate owner receives the possible message of information about your property. It is the owner who decides to contact or not, who sends the message.

Our privacy policies are in compliance of international law’s provisions. Missing Instruments does not share information about its users’ identity with private entities or commercial third parties. As a platform aimed to provide security in the search for stolen or misplaced instruments, we will OBVIOUSLY share information with governmental criminal services once the real owner files an official complaint.

In case of missing or stolen gear, users MAY share (it is somehow desirable) as much information as possible about stolen or misplaced items claims to increase visibility and to help recover it.

Social Responsibility

To help make this platform useful to everyone, we pledge our commitment to make it free for universities, art schools, conservatories and youth orchestras that do not charge any fees to their students. In other words, if they belong to each country's public education system. For all these students, registration for their instruments IS FREE, BONUS LIFETIME, while they are studying in those institutions. For private universities and paid schools, we have a number of different plans and special agreements which will be signed with each institution’s authorities.

Instruments for Adoption

Missing Instruments also has the mission of spreading culture and music; if someone (instruments’ owners or heirs) would like to donate instruments, our academic committee may place them in the INTERNATIONAL INSTRUMENT ADOPTION SYSTEM to benefit students or institutions in need after proper auditions or evaluation.


In our FOUNDING phase, all users who register through specific agreements and coupons will not be charged for the platform’s basic services. IT WILL BE ABSOLUTELY FREE. And we do not ask for any payament data at all. After the end of the founding phase, NEW users (not founding members) will have an almost symbolic cost of US$2 (two dollars) a year per registered item. Or $15 (fifteen dollars) a year for all their equipment. Or the possibility to become Patron through DONATIONWARE. Likewise, if future platform upgrades were made, there will be premium discounts for new services for FOUNDING MEMBERS.